Population: 21,562 Official residents, Estimated actual population 27,719

Leadership: The Council of Eight. (The Octumverate?) A ruling council made up of one member from each of the traditional schools of magic. Every 8 years one of the 8 is elected by the council to serve as it’s head becoming the defacto mayor of Osterholt.

Major Features: Doctrina Arcanum. The massive college of magic on the eastern shoreline of Osterholt. Here scholarly wizards and hopeful adepts indulge in rigorous research and training. Many bright young wizards are made or broken here. It’s dominating feature is the ancient spire at it’s centre. Philogus’s Tower. Raised in the early years of civilization only the name of it’s creator remain as clue to it’s origins or purpose. All wizards and sorcerers in the city must be a member of the college.

The Harbour district. At it’s southern edge where the city meets the shore of the Inner Sea, protected by an unnatural sea wall is the cities other main source of income a great harbour and trade district. A centre for trade on the western half of the inner sea it is the largest port in the region. Eclipsed only by Jarisham far to the south east.


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