Pathfinder Campaign

A Fresh Start

The party having only recently moved into their new home and base of operations in one of the poorer quarters of Osterholt are called out by a local gang of thugs, the Butcher Street Toshers. The parties resident fighter and tough guy, the half-orc Margdak sent the first group running with a snarl and flex. It was not long however before the gang returned, this time lead by much more impressive looking individual and with a few more bodies to back them up. It appeared the Toshers wanted the party to leave what they thought to be their turf. They seemed to believe the party was a rival gang attempting to seize control. The party however believed the gang was a rival adventuring company. When it was clear diplomacy was not going to resolve the impasse and the new leader was not going to be intimidated the Oropher suggested a duel be held, the winner take all so to speak. Being confident in his abilities the Toshers leader accepts. Margdak and the Tosher leader duke it out in the middle of the street in an impromptu arena, drawing many local residents as onlookers. Margdak wins out and the party decides not to murder the leader in broad daylight, at least not with so many witnesses. Margdak takes the leaders Masterwork rapier and the Tosher’s take flight, dragging their leaders bloodied and unconscious body behind them.


That’ll show ’em.

A Fresh Start

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