Weathersby Hornsbuckle Jr

Human Male Wizard


Weathersby is a Purple Wizard of the 17th order, 2nd station of the Arcane Order of Ostermark


Weathersby worked his whole life as a librarian as the Doctrina Arcanum. As a young man he took the assessment trial and was accepted as a student but never progressed far in his studies. Preferring instead to tend to the school’s vast wealth of recorded knowledge he soon stopped his instruction in the arcane and was instead accepted as an apprentice in the library. He has lived a long, quiet and happy life tending to the books and scrolls of the library but having reached the age of mandatory retirement has decided to spend his twilight years looking for the adventures he may have missed out on in his early years. He is accompanied by his faithful familiar Mr. Butters the goat. Why a goat? Because it was the only animal he had in the small garden at his modest home near the library.

Weathersby Hornsbuckle Jr

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