Pathfinder Campaign

The adventure with the duplicitous bard

The party was hired to return some lost items by an female elven bard in a bar they were invited to visit for her show. They agreed and through a few run ins with some thieves were able to return the most important items to their rightful owner, a colourful merchant. This brought them to odds with a powerful family in the city that also happens to run a circle of thieves and ner-do-wells. Having all but eliminated his circle of hirlings (or caused them to be eliminated by a mysterious third party) they ended up kidnapping him in his own home and subsequently learning someone wanted him dead. The party waited them out and then agreeing they had both been manipulated into their current predicament they returned him to his home where he was promptly murdered. Oops. The party had been duped into helping the lady bard kill her rival and secure more power for herself over the cities underworld and gotten themselves suspected of murder they didn’t commit to boot. They are advised to leave the city for awhile until the heat is off.



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